Tailoring Drug Treatment Based on Your Genetic Makeup: The future is NOW

Stephen Liggett, MD

Date / Time February 12, 2013
Personalized medicine has the potential to transform medical care by using an individual’s unique genetic code to predict a person’s risk for disease, the progression or severity of disease once a person is diagnosed, and the individual’s response to treatment. The goal is to provide a better health outcome than available through the standard “trial and error” approach of today’s medical practice. Come listen to Dr. Liggett discuss how research is advancing this emerging field, which holds the promise of tailoring treatment based on an individual’s DNA.
Photo of Stephen Liggett, MD
Stephen Liggett, MD
Vice Dean for Personalized Medicine and Genomics

Vice Dean for Research

Professor of Medicine, USF Morsani College of Medicine

Associate Vice President for Personalized Medicine, USF Health

About Stephen Liggett, MD

Stephen Liggett, MD recently joined USF Health and is helping to drive the research needed to tap patients’ unique DNA profiles to tailor their medical care. Dr. Liggett came to USF from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, where he was associate dean for interdisciplinary research and professor of Medicine and Physiology. He brings with him a multi-million dollar portfolio of NIH grants, investigating genetic variations in people and pathogens, with a focus on signaling genes relevant to heart and lung diseases. Dr. Liggett’s leadership and expertise will be critical in helping USF Health, the Tampa Bay region and the state of Florida advance in genomics-based personalized medicine for heart and other diseases.